weddings I shoot generally have

The weddings I shoot generally have the ‘reception’ element in them and its actually 50/50 in that the main wedding and reception are done in the same day, sometimes its days apart and even a few weeks apart, either way the ‘reception’ element is there…

…..sun was good yesterday…blue skies, great light…the wedding of Mike and Sabrina went as planned. Beautiful church service, followed by a great reception which was a an explosion of music, dance and amazing speeches….

….will spend the next few days going through my RAW files and start processing them…will hopefully post a few pics along the way……

The Standard has arrived…..

Currently taking wedding bookings for 2011-12 as well as weddings taking place the remainder of this year
My Wedding Day Rate is £800 (for weddings in UK, for international weddings please contact me for price) regardless of what day your getting married. For my fee you get the following:

·        My time

·        Images processed (on average it is 300, but could be more)

·        All images uploaded to a safe and secure site where they can view the photos and send the link to family and friends and they can purchase prints from the site

·        Images on DVD in high resolution and low resolution

·        Slide-Show of images on DVD

Remember all the above is standard and all inclusive of the £800 price

If they want a wedding book these are extra and not included in the £800 fee

For Wedding Books I have two that clients can choose from; GraphiStudio and photobooks from Hofmann